Essence - Matching Set (Medium Crown & 4 inch Fits All Crown)

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Want to match with your fur baby? Get this one of a kind set! 

This matching set contains a medium crown and a 4 inch fits all crown that attaches with twine. 

-Medium crowns fit people. Mediums also fit dogs with a neck size of 13-16 inches. This crown ties in the back with ribbon. 

-The fits all crown contains flowers on a 4 inch length. The ideal pet neck size of this is 5 inches or greater. It will fit an adult and would also work on a baby bump for maternity photos! 

This piece ties with twine. The width of this piece is about 2 inches.

**This set contains small pieces that could be hazardous to pets left unattended.  

When will I get it?

This flower piece is ready to ship and will be in the mail between 2-4 days after you place your order.

When should I use it?
Flower pieces are perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties, and photoshoots. I have even worn mine to the grocery store, so really, just whenever you want! Snazz up the everyday! This is a delicate product that is not water proof/resistant, so maybe leave it at home if it is raining or for those fun beach days.

Can I return it?
All sales are final. Due to the cost in making each piece; returns are not accepted. With a handmade product such as this, damage can happen in the course of shipping. If there is something wrong with your crown upon arrival contact me within 48 hrs. If there is any other issue please do not hesitate in contacting me!