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All Flower Crowns

One of a Kind

Limited Series Flower Crowns

Floral Hair Pieces

Flowers for Dog Collars

Flower Crown Sizing & Placement

Floral Collar Attachments

Attaching flowers to your dog’s collar is a great way of dressing up your pup for long-term wear.


Adjustable Crowns

Large, medium, and small crowns are adjustable!

They come in a semi circle form and are tied with ribbon. 

Matching Sets

Matching Sets with your fur baby has never been easier!

Why Flowers?

Dogs (like cats and other fur babies) make our lives whole by filling in the spaces of uncertainty with pure love. I love Freya and I love flowers. It was only natural that these loves would eventually overlap, and I am so glad they did. Seeing Freya in a crown brings me joy and always makes me smile. I hope that you feel this same joy when you see your fur baby decked out in flowers. 

"I have purchased four beautiful handmade flower crowns from Freyas Floral Co. each one has beautiful intricate Details. There’s a lot of love that goes into each piece. They are all well made, fit well and look amazing on both dogs and people. If you order a costume piece she truly goes above and beyond to crest what you envision. I highly recommend you try a beautiful flower crown. It truly adds a pop of joy to any photo or occasion." 


"I’ve been lucky to get some flower crowns from @freyasfloralco simply because of how stunning every single one is! They are so artfully put together and aesthetically pleasing not to mention sturdy! My pups have tussled and run around in them and not a single piece fell off! I also adore how versatile they are whether you want to put them on your pup, or wear them yourself they look good no matter what!"


Fits All Crowns

"Fits All" crowns can be worn around a baby bump and/OR they can be worn by your pup!

These crowns are tied with lace or twine and come in two lengths: 6 inches & 4 inches. There are no wires in these crowns and they can fit any adult. They will also fit dogs and cats with a neck size that is 5 inches or greater! 

This exact same 6 inch crown fits around a baby bump and around Freya. It can also be worn around the head by an adult. The twine is long so you can cut it your liking. 

** The twine tied pieces (like this one) are two inches in width and are therefore not recommended for cats. ** The lace tied pieces are about an inch in width so they fit cats much more comfortably.